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This is something that I have also wanted to do for a long time, but have not. I’m sure that there are other published authors that can give better advice, but mine would be to just start writing and see where it takes you. Sure, it’s not gonna be a bestseller or even very good unless you are a prodigy, but it will give you a feel for how it is done. Getting your story in the hands of others and listening to feedback can also be invaluable. If you have written a short story that you like and got good feedback on you can also submit it to websites that publish short stories. Just Google “East of the Web” and look at the short stories written by other people for inspiration.
En man som heter Ove by Fredrik Backman, or as english readers will know it, A Man Called Ove. It showed me where my life was headed if I continued on my current path and prompted me to make a few changes, especially in regards to how I treat other people. Anyway, the story is about a man called Ove who is a bit of a neighbor from hell until a young couple with their kids strike up an unlikely friendship with him. It's a really heartwarming book and I still go back and read it sometimes.
"WORLD OF WATCHES" Series, (6 books,) by Sergei Lukyanenko.

They are a fantastic read, and PLEASE, do *not* judge them by the movies named for the 1st two books, ("Night Watch," & "Day Watch,") the series is far, far, better than those films suggest. I have only read them in translation, but put several genre reading friends onto them!

Aside from some great characters, and a fascinating concept, the fact that the series is mostly set in Russia, and written by a Russian, gives some fascinating insights into a culture that is only accessible to most of us through historical, or stereotyped sources.

I highly recommend them.