Kristi Rose - Writing Laugh out Loud Mysteries

Kristi Rose - Writing Laugh out Loud Mysteries

Kristi Rose writes romances that will tug your heartstrings and laugh out loud mysteries. In all her stories you'll fall in love with the cast of characters, they'll become old, fun friends. Her one hope is to create stories that satisfy any of your book cravings and take you away from the rut of everyday life (sometimes it's a good rut). When she is not writing, she is spinning (riding a stationary bike), repurposing Happy Planners, or drinking a London Fog (hot tea with frothy milk). Kristi is the mom of 2 and a milspouse (retired). They live in the Pacific Northwest and are under-prepared if one of the volcanoes erupts. As our Author of the Day, Kristi tells us all about her book, All Bets Are Off.


Please give us a short introduction to what All Bets Are Off is about.

All Bets are off is a small-town caper style mystery that has enough action to keep you guessing, but a fun cast of characters to provide laughs. Samantha True is the main character in the book and she finds out the man she’s married has lied to her and is actually someone else, married to another, oh, and he’s been killed in a freak car accident. And if that’s not bad enough, strangers show up demanding anything that belonged to her lying (not) husband. They ransack her house, mug her while she’s getting lunch at a food truck, and threaten her. Fed up, Samantha resolves to get to the bottom of all the unanswered questions.

Tell us more about Samantha True.  What makes her tick?

Samantha is dyslexic. So, since she started elementary school nothing has ever been that easy for her. But having to overcome those barriers has provided Sam with the fortitude to face hardship and not back down, even if she wants to. She’s a champion for the underdog, and has the ability to see things in whole pictures. Meaning, she depends more on the pictures she’s committed to her memory instead of what she has read. Samantha is a small town girl who likes to surrounds herself with close friends and family.

This is Samantha’s PI license. 

What inspired you to write about someone who inherits a secret PI business?

I often think about the commonly spoken phrase “do what you love”. But how often do we find people who are doing just that? Samantha had started out with an interest in justice and police work, she went to school to be a crime scene photographer. But fear and uncertainty took her off that path and she spent a decade doing something she thought she could love only to find out she didn’t like it all that much. The secret PI business was a way to give Samantha the chance to answer those nagging doubts she’s carried with her since dropping out of the crime scene photography school. Could she do it? Did she really want to do it? And who better to give her the business than the person who betrayed her. Because she’d have to not let that influence her feelings about the business if she wanted to make a sound decision.

You include a lot of humor in this book.  Why did you take this approach?

Honestly, I think we don’t laugh enough. Life is hard and I think when a person picks up a book looking for an escape that book should make them laugh. Among other things. But definitely laugh.

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

LOL, they’re a secret so I can’t tell you.

Actually, in my day job I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and as an OT we use play a lot to develop skills. So, I have mad play skills and can build the king of all obstacle courses.

Why did you title this book "All Bets Are Off"?

I wanted to make Samantha a series of books so why not start with A? And the story is about right and wrong, who you are and who you want to be, and fear and courage. And the outcome of those choices are unpredictable. Therefore, all bets are off.

Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

Katharine Hepburn. Her story is so interesting. She was going against the grain when doing so got you blackballed. That had to take a lot of nerve. I admire anyone who can go against convention for their own happiness. Even if it cost a lot. I’m way to chicken to step outside the lines.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the Samantha True if this was made into a movie or series?

I don’t know. Maybe Isla Fisher. Or Millie Bobby Brown (but she’s too young). Someone spunky.

Readers say this is a real page-turner.  How did you pull this off?

I think those readers are my friends and family. They have to say that. Just kidding. I’m a reader, and I love when I can’t put a book down. I wanted to create that in my work so my goal was to always end the chapter with a question answered and a new question asked. Maybe it worked?

Can this be read as a standalone? How do the other books in the series tie in with this one?

Yes, it can. One Hit Wonder is the prequel. It’s Samantha’s adventure (not a fun one) where she discovers working in the solving-crime biz might not be for her. Best Laid Plans is Samantha book three- four months after she inherits the business. The one I’m writing now Caught Off Guard is a few months after that. They go chronologically but are written so you can skip around and not get lost. I always write each book as if it might be the first one a reader picks up. Reading the others just brings you more into Sam’s life.


Do you have any interesting writing habits? What is an average writing day like for you?

Well, I work full time doing something else so writing is either dictation in the car between schools where I work (I live in Washington and travel a lot between facilities). Or getting up at 5:30 am to write before work. I have kids in elementary and middle school so I try not to take time away from them on weekends. An average writing day is me trying to get words in any chance I get.

What are you working on right now?

I’m writing the 4th Samantha True book- Caught off Guard.

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you? I also have FB and IG but I’m rarely on there. Samantha is my first mystery but I have a few more in the works as well. Prior to jumping into mysteries (which feeds my soul), I tried my hand at romances. But I kept wanting to have someone murdered so I figured that was a pretty big clue.