The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


(12 Reviews)
The Call of the Wild by Jack London









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The Call of the Wild


(12 Reviews)
A domesticated and pampered dog's primordial instincts return when events find him serving as a sled dog in the treacherous, frigid Yukon during the hey-days of the 19th century Gold Rush.

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angry. But his strength ebbed, his eyes glazed, and he knew nothing when the train was flagged and the two men threw him into the baggage car.

The next he knew, he was dimly aware that his tongue was hurting and that he was being jolted along in some kind of a conveyance. The hoarse shriek of a locomotive whistling a crossing told him where he was. He had travelled too often with the Judge not to know the sensation of riding in a baggage car. He opened his eyes, and into them came the unbridled anger of a kidnapped king. The man sprang for his throat, but Buck was too quick for him. His jaws closed on the hand, nor did they relax till his senses were choked out of him once more.

"Yep, has fits," the man said, hiding his mangled hand from the baggageman, who had been attracted by the sounds of struggle. "I'm takin' 'm up for the boss to 'Frisco. A crack dog-doctor there thinks that he can cure 'm."

Concerning that night's ride, the man spoke most eloquently for himself, in a l

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Well, I love classics ... but this one was utterly boring ..... the starting was good ... but then it became utterly mechanical ..... it lacked emotions ...... sorry but I did not like it
Well, frankly speaking I did not like it .... it is a story of a dog ..... start was good, but then it became too much boring or too much dramatic ...... I don't have a problem with the theme ....... but story seemed to be in too much six and sevens ..... but it could have been an excellent story.
Read this book in school when I was a kid loved it then and now. Great read. I wish the educating system will bring back the classics in school for this generation to read.
I enjoy this novel very much. Not only admire the endeavour of the hero character, also for the deep perception for life laying there.
One of my new favorites. An amazing insight into the instincts and actions of a sled dog. A must read for anyone that loves dogs, especially those of us that own a nordic breed.
It is one of the best book i'av read. After reading first time i became one of the great fan of Buck and Mr.Jack London. Great book for all ages with an adventure and thrilling experience. This is a book which should never be missed, its some what among the king of adventure books. Try it.
This is a great book for teens and pre-teens. I read it at that age, cnd I loved the book.

A boy, say, nine. would love the story.
What a story! Full of the most descriptive, insightful passages I have ever read concerning an animal, Buck, the featured dog. I felt like I was there observing and experiencing all of Buck's happy and terribly painful, sad times. A heart-wrenching story with a beautiful ending.
I absolutely love this book. Read it when I was young. Jack really manages to bring the character of the Dogs out. An excellent read.