Jules Verne

Jules Verne (Jules Gabriel Verne, Jules Gabriël Verne, Júlio Verne)

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Jules Verne (Jules Verne, Jules Gabriel Verne, Jules Gabriël Verne, Júlio Verne)

Books by Jules Verne

Stephanie Alexander - Enchanting, Fantastical stories for Thoughtful, Modern Women
FEATURED AUTHOR - Stephanie Alexander writes enchanting, fantastical stories for thoughtful, modern women. Her best-selling fantasy trilogy, the Cracked Slipper Series, is a fractured fairy tale set in a world of magic and wonder, but with a surprisingly relatable heroine. Her upcoming novel, Charleston Green, is another exploration of women's everyday trials and tribulations, with a hefty dose of southern charm and supernatural intrigue. Stephanie has always been a fantasy nerd at heart. She grew up in the… Read more